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These are the Stations in Hellion. Stations are composed of Modules which are building blocks that can be collected and connected together to create expansive stations for players to survive in.

A station with an authorized character will have a despawn time of 48 hours + 48 hours for each docked module. Abandoned stations (without authorized characters) will despawn after 15 minutes. In this context, an authorized player is one that has a Cryo Pod authorized onboard the station.

Collecting Modules[edit | edit source]

Players will need to search for additional modules to add to their space station.

Modules can be docked with ships in order to transport them back to a space station:

Available Modules[edit | edit source]

Below is a quick reference of module designations, module names and power consumption information.

Designation Module Passive Consumption
AM-AC Airlock Module 125
BULKHEAD Bulkhead Module 1
CBM-AC Cargo Bay Module 400
CM-AC Command Module 350
CQM-AC Crew Quarters Module 125
FM-AC Fabricator Module 125
OUTPOST Hibernation Module 100
IC-AC Industrial Container 100
LSM-AC Life Support Module 225
PSM-AC Power Supply Module 250
SPM-AC Solar Power Module 75

Airlock Module

Airlock Module
Airlock Module.png
Designation: AM-AC
Passive Consumption: 125 ⚡
Active Consumption: {{{consumption2}}} ⚡
General Cargo: {{{general cargo}}} 🚛
Crafting Cargo: {{{crafting cargo}}} 🚚

A standard airlock module designed to provide safe exit/entry point for all Altair Corporation stations. It is equipped with a standard docking port and an airlock docking port that is compatible with ship mounted airlocks.

Airlock module requires a working Life Support system to operate.

Bulkhead Module[edit | edit source]

Bulkhead Module
Bulkhead Module.png
Designation: BULKHEAD
Passive Consumption: 1 ⚡
Active Consumption: {{{consumption2}}} ⚡
General Cargo: {{{general cargo}}} 🚛
Crafting Cargo: {{{crafting cargo}}} 🚚

Bulkhead modules are used to seal unused docking ports. They can only be detached from the inside.

Cargo Bay Module[edit | edit source]

Cargo Bay Module
Cargo Bay Module.png
Designation: CBM-AC
Passive Consumption: 400 ⚡
Active Consumption: 20,000 ⚡
General Cargo: 6,000 🚛
Crafting Cargo: 1,000 🚚

The Cargo Bay is the main storage and offloading area for stations. Featuring a storage capacity of 6000 resources that could be expanded by docking up to 4 Industrial containers 1000 resources each, and storage chests of all kinds and some storage racks. The big cargo doors on the side can be opened using buttons near each door, for easy unloading from the ship in the cargo bay. You can also dock other cargo bays to the doors as well, however if the doors to the inside of each cargo bay are open, the cargo bays share air pressure. The gravity can be turned on and off by the big button near the storage platform.

Command Module[edit | edit source]

Command Module
Command Module.png
Designation: CM-AC
Passive Consumption: 350 ⚡
Active Consumption: {{{consumption2}}} ⚡
General Cargo: {{{general cargo}}} 🚛
Crafting Cargo: {{{crafting cargo}}} 🚚

Command Module is a central hub for a station. It is required if you want to use turrets and locking mechanism for some doors. Also claimed Command Module will be in "claimed vessels" list on star map HUD, so you wont lose your base even if the module with your active cryopod is not docked to it. Command Module is equipped with a control panel on upper floor and can be claimed by player.

Crew Quarters Module[edit | edit source]

Crew Quarters Module
Crew Quarters Module.png
Designation: CQM-AC
Passive Consumption: 125 ⚡
Active Consumption: {{{consumption2}}} ⚡
General Cargo: {{{general cargo}}} 🚛
Crafting Cargo: {{{crafting cargo}}} 🚚

The player spawns inside one of these modules when they first create a character. It will have a suit for the player inside which you must equip before leaving the atmosphere and escaping the doomed station. It is one of the few modules which has windows to the outside as well as various places for decorations.

Fabricator Module[edit | edit source]

Fabricator Module
Fabricator Module.png
Designation: FM-AC
Passive Consumption: 125 ⚡
Active Consumption: 3,000 ⚡
General Cargo: 200 🚛
Crafting Cargo: 500 🚚

Altair Corporation Fabricator Module is a small scale manufacturing system designed for field operations. Despite their small size these Fabricators can manufacture any piece of equipment found in Players’s databases. Each module comes equipped with a large storage space, integrated cargo hold and a dedicated Recycling Unit for breaking down any unneeded items and scrap components and one research unit where you can research better equipment.

Hibernation Module[edit | edit source]

Hibernation Module
Hibernation Module.png
Designation: OUTPOST
Passive Consumption: 100 ⚡
Active Consumption: 2,000 ⚡
General Cargo: 1,000 🚛
Crafting Cargo: 100 🚚

The outpost is a module which the player first travels to after leaving the doomed spawn station. Doomed Outposts also may randomly spawn as a timed server event.

Outpost includes life support, solar panels, capacitors, two cryo pods, two doors, a locker containing two pressure suits. There are also interaction panels for life support, power and cargo. The starting module however does not include an airlock module, meaning opening the hatch will vent the atmosphere of the hall, or even the entire station if you don't secure it properly by closing the doors.

Industrial Container[edit | edit source]

Industrial Container
Industrial Container.png
Designation: IC-AC
Passive Consumption: 100 ⚡
Active Consumption: {{{consumption2}}} ⚡
General Cargo: 1,000 🚛
Crafting Cargo: {{{crafting cargo}}} 🚚

Altair Corporation Industrial Containers are dedicated storage units that can be attached to the Cargo Bay Modules via external docking ports.

Life Support Module[edit | edit source]

Life Support Module
Life Support Module.png
Designation: LSM-AC
Passive Consumption: 225 ⚡
Active Consumption: {{{consumption2}}} ⚡
General Cargo: {{{general cargo}}} 🚛
Crafting Cargo: {{{crafting cargo}}} 🚚

The Altair Corporation Life Support Module is a dedicate atmosphere generation and purification system. It is fully capable of supporting up to 9 active personnel and comes equipped with 4 cryochambers in case of emergency.

Design first entered AltCorp service during the construction of “Daedalus”, the Expedition flagship. Standard systems designed for large orbital habitats or small ships, proved too inflexible for a project of this magnitude. Small “dedicated” systems that could be deployed and reconfigured in the field significantly improved responsiveness of AltCorp personnel allowing them to finish multiple projects ahead of schedule.

Power Supply Module[edit | edit source]

Power Supply Module
Power Supply Module.png
Designation: PSM-AC
Passive Consumption: 250 ⚡
Active Consumption: {{{consumption2}}} ⚡
General Cargo: {{{general cargo}}} 🚛
Crafting Cargo: {{{crafting cargo}}} 🚚

The Power Supply Module is a reactor that can power the base more efficiently than solar panels or a connected ship reactor. It has a double reactor compared to the Arges and has a bigger outpost.

Featuring 4 Charger stations and 2 power supply storage boxes.

It has 2 Turret slots, one near the reactor components and the other in the corner of the walkway.

Solar Power Module[edit | edit source]

Solar Power Module
Solar Power Module.png
Designation: SPM-AC
Passive Consumption: 75 ⚡
Active Consumption: {{{consumption2}}} ⚡
General Cargo: {{{general cargo}}} 🚛
Crafting Cargo: {{{crafting cargo}}} 🚚

Altair Corporation’s Solar Power Modules are in fact repurposed corridors that double up as power generators. They are often deployed on stations with low power requirements and in zones with good sun exposure.

Designations[edit | edit source]

Modules are designated with abbreviations generally ending with M for Module and AC for Altair Corporation.

Colon symbol and after it comes a serial number.

Serial number works like this:

  • day of the month
  • month number converted to letter in alphabet
  • spawncounter since start of day, only going up to make it unique

Date: 26/09/2020

Example: AM-AC:HE1/26IXXX