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The Hellion Guide To Planetary Exploration

Acquiring[edit | edit source]

Mining A Resource Node of Rare Compounds

Many resources and materials are found throughout Hellion. You can acquire these resources in a few different ways, each providing benefits and setbacks to them.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Resources can be gathered in multiple ways.

  • They can be mined from resource nodes on certain asteroids.
  • They can be found in Raw Resource Canisters.
  • They can be taken from an existing cargo storage.
  • They can be found in Refined Resource Canisters.

Materials[edit | edit source]

Materials can be gathered in only two ways.

  • They can be found on the outside of derelicts, atop a red/orange sparking section.
  • They can be taken from storage racks.

Raw Resources[edit | edit source]

Raw Resource Canisters

A resource is a gas or certain type of mineral that is useful in Hellion. All resources have certain functions, and most are crucial to survival.

Ice[edit | edit source]

Ice is refined into Hydrogen, which is used as welder fuel, and Oxygen, a resource that every player needs.

Ferrite[edit | edit source]

Ferrite is found on most asteroids and is refined into Nickel Iron, an important tier 1 crafting resource, required for most blueprints.

Nitrates[edit | edit source]

Nitrates are refined into Nitro, an RCS propellant, and Nitrogen, a necessary resource for Air creation.

Dry Ice[edit | edit source]

Dry Ice is refined into Oxygen, a resource that every player needs.

Regolith[edit | edit source]

Regolith is refined into Helium-3, a fuel used in fusion reactors.

Mafic Rock[edit | edit source]

Mafic rock is refined into Silicates, an important tier 2 crafting resource.

Titanite[edit | edit source]

Titanite is refined into Titanium, an important tier 3 crafting resource.

Rare Compounds[edit | edit source]

Rare Compounds are refined into Rare Elements, an important tier 4 crafting resource.

Raw Resources
Icon Raw Resource Refines Into Locations
Ice 0.6 Hydrogen

0.3 Oxygen

Sinha (90), Bethyr (4125), Hirath (1650), Ia (825)
Ferrite 0.8 Nickel Iron Eridil (825), Bethyr (825), Everest Station (1650), Iblith (1650), Enigma (4125), Askatar (825), Ia (825)
Nitrates 0.2 Nitro

0.75 Nitrogen

Everest Station (1650), Calipso (2475), Askatar (825)
Dry Ice 0.7 Oxygen Ulgorat (825), Eridil (825), Iblith (1650)
Regolith 0.2 Helium-3 Tasciana (2475), Teiora (825), Sinha (1650), Enigma (825)
Mafic Rock 0.4 Silicates Ulgorat (825), Teiora (825), Hirath (1650), Calipso (825), Askatar (2475)
Titanite 0.2 Titanium Tasciana (40,91), Sinha (21,43), Askatar (1650), Ia (2475)
Rare Compounds 0.1 Rare Elements Tasciana (23,43), Ia (1650)

Raw Materials[edit | edit source]

A material is broken piece of a certain fabricated part, that can be recycled and used to craft other things in Hellion.

Shattered Plating[edit | edit source]

Shattered plating is found in almost all tier zones, and is required to create Carbon Fibers, a basic crafting material.

Broken Armature[edit | edit source]

Broken armatures are found in tier 2 and higher zones, and are required to create Alloys, a tier 2 crafting material.

Ruptured Insulation[edit | edit source]

Ruptured insulation is found in tier 2 and higher zones, and yield Alloys and Carbon Fibers, tier 1 and 2 crafting materials.

Fried Electronics[edit | edit source]

Fried electronics are found in tier 3 and higher zones, and are required to create Circuits, a tier 3 crafting material.

Damaged Transmitter[edit | edit source]

Damaged Transmitters are found in tier 3 and tier 4 zones, and yield Circuits, and Superconductors.

Burned PDU[edit | edit source]

Burned PDUs are found in tier 4 zones, and are required to create Superconductors, a tier 4 crafting material.

Raw Materials
Icon Raw Material Recycles Into Picture
Shattered Plating 40 Carbon Fiber
Broken Armature 20 Alloy
Ruptured Insulation 40 Alloy

80 Carbon Fiber

Fried Electronics 10 Circuits
Damaged Transmitter 20 Circuits

10 Superconductors

Ruptured Insulation.png
Burned PDU 5 Superconductors

Refined/Recycled Resources & Materials[edit | edit source]

These are all the resources and materials in Hellion, refined/recycled.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Refined Resources
Icon Resource Description
Oxygen Used for breathing in a jetpack, combines with nitrogen in an air generator to create air.
Hydrogen Used for fuel in welders, and is the fuel for the main engine of the Arges.
Nitro Used as an RCS propellant, in jetpacks, ships and station modules.
Helium-3 Used as a fuel for all fusion reactors.
Nitrogen Used in a combination with oxygen in an air generator to create breathable air.
Nickel Iron Used as a base crafting material for all tiers. Classified as a tier 1 mineral.
Silicates Used as a tier 2 and higher crafting mineral.
Titanium Used as a tier 3 and higher crafting mineral.
Rare Elements Used as a tier 4 crafting mineral.

Materials[edit | edit source]

Recycled Materials
Icon Material Use
Carbon Fiber Used as a base crafting material for all tiers. Classified as a tier 1 material.
Alloys Used as a tier 2 and higher crafting material.
Circuits Used as a tier 3 and higher crafting material.
Superconductors Used as a tier 4 crafting material.