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These are the Resources in Hellion.

List of resources[edit | edit source]

Raw resources[edit | edit source]

Mined from Asteroids, can be stored inside Raw Resource Containers.

Resource Icon Refined into
Dry Ice DryIceThumbnail.jpg 0.7 Oxygen
Ice IceThumbnail.jpg 0.6 Hydrogen

0.3 Oxygen

Regolith RegolithThumbnail.jpg 0.2 He-3
Nitrates NitratesThumbnail.jpg 0.2 Nitro

0.75 Nitrogen

Ferrite 0.8 Nickel-Iron
Mafic Rock 0.4 Silicates
Titanite 0.2 Titanium
Rare Compounds Rare Elements

Refined resources[edit | edit source]

Refined from Raw resources inside a Refinery, can be stored inside Refined Resource Containers.

Some of these resources can also be used in Crafting using the Fabricator.

Resource Icon Description
Oxygen OxygenThumbnail.jpg Used for breathing inside a jetpack and for creating air inside the Air Generator
Nitrogen NitrogenThumbnail.jpg Used by the Air Generator to mix it with Oxygen to get breathable air

Used in Fire Extinguishers.

Nitro NitroThumbnail.jpg Can be used as RCS-Propellant for Jetpacks, Ships and Stations
He-3 He3Thumbnail.jpg Fusion Reactor Fuel
Hydrogen HydrogenThumbnail.jpg Propellant for Main Engine

Used by Welding Tools.

Air AirThumbnail.png Air for pressurizing ship and station compartments, produced in Air Generator

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